Sabine's Texts

From 1986 to 1992, I studied history and political science at the University of Marburg. During that time, I wrote a number of texts about various subjects. From 1992 to 1995, I prepared a dissertation thesis about witch hunting in Southwest Germany, and wrote some articles about that topic. Some of these texts might be of interest for you.

Naturally, the texts are written in German. In some cases, with the conversion to modern word processors and operating systems, some formatting info and - especially - the footnotes got lost. But the text itself and the bibliographies are still there. If/when I rediscover the folders with the paper printouts in one of our boxes in the basement, I will add the footnotes.

Some of these texts are stored on the website and can be found there, if you put in my name or title keywords into the search box. You can download the complete text there for a fee.

I intend to put all my old texts into the Web, but will start with only a few for the moment. - There's still interesting stuff to follow! 

Additionally, some short texts about a number of subjects, including DNA genealogy, genealogy in general, and such are resp. will be available at Suite101.


Rom und Judäa zwischen 104 und 63 v.Chr. (1989) Rom und Germanien zwischen 16 und 68 n. Chr. (1987)

Middle Ages Die Stadtverfassung von Speyer und Worms in staufischer Zeit. Ein Vergleich (1992)

Die politische Weltanschauung Papst Innocenz' III. (1987)

Early Modern History Galeerenstrafe in Tirol im 16. Jahrhundert? (2003) Hexenprozesse in Vorderösterreich: Elsaß, Breisgau, Hagenau, Ortenau (1996)

Hexenprozesse in der Herrschaft Ebnet bei Freiburg (1994) Hexenprozesse und Konfiskationen in der vorderösterreichischen Stadt Rheinfelden (1995) Immanuel Wallersteins "Modernes Weltsystem". Eine Kritik (1991)

Militär und preußischer Adel in der ersten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts (1988) Militär und städtische Entwicklung in Marburg: Der Bau der Jägerkaserne 1866-1869 (1990)

"Platz an der Sonne" und "Manifest Destiny" - Die imperialistische Ideologie in Deutschland und in den Vereinigten Staaten zwischen 1880 und 1914 Lebens-Räume von Arbeiterkindern um die Wende vom 19. zum 20. Jahrhundert (1992)

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Last update: Sabine Schleichert, 2011 March 16